Story Doula: Days like these

Happy (🤞) New Year!

What has happened since I last wrote? A global pandemic, two-thirds of a pregnancy, and a small life. At times I thought to write something, to add an observation to the millions made about 2020, but instead I worked alone in my bedroom, slept as much as possible while dealing with the effects of this pregnancy (like having a lobotomy on a seaship, 24/7!) and hung out with my toddler and family. Which, anecdotally, seem like some very 2020 pursuits for those of us lucky enough not to have been sick with the new big C.

When 2020 was over I was tempted to mark the year, to draw a line under it, to say it has been, and what we endured has passed, but of course, you read the news, so I won’t even try. Instead, more and more I’m drawn to the good and the practical— of what we can do, what can reassure us, what is concrete, what can be changed, what actually makes a difference.

So a quick update from me: Lots of things on the boil before this next baby pops: research, writing and collaborations I hope will materialise in 2021 and beyond, but let me tell you about two things going on right now:

Days Like These

Speaking of what can reassure us— I’m a reporter on the next season of Days Like These, which is an absolute warm hug of a podcast from the ABC. Episode 0 of Season 2 drops this week, and you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts and listen to the back catalogue while you wait for the next instalment.

Changing the way we build and live

And speaking of the practical: motivated by the tumultuous state of things and a longstanding desire to help us all live differently, my partner Seb and I launched Klaar, an Australian sustainable building company! If you’re interested in more sustainable ways of building and living, you can read more here, and join our low-fi newsletter, or follow on Insta.

Let me know what you’ve got going on: good news and good new year intentions welcome, all shapes and sizes accepted.

x Belinda (p.s. sign up to Story Doula here)