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My name is Belinda Lopez and I care about justice, history and the stories we tell each other. And about how we survive in our world  – online, in the wild, the mundane, the absurd and the brilliant. Much of my work is about this, although to be honest so are most things if you squish them in really hard.

I helped create the narrative non-fiction podcast This is About and worked on the award-winning storytelling/human rights podcast The State We’re In*.  I make audio documentaries and collaborate with other storytellers and curators to create multimedia projects. I write and perform stories and essays. It took me a long time to admit this but I effin love poetry.

As an educator, I work with not-for-profit organisations and universities, encouraging emerging creators and local communities to tell their own stories. I love (and got my start in) community radio. Later, as host and executive producer of the Australian storytelling show All the Best, I helped build community radio-making collectives around Australia.



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*One time I forgot to thank my old The State We’re In boss Greg Kelly at an awards night and I still feel bad about it so I’m doing it here. He’s now the head of CBC ideas, and is my all-time storytelling hero. The State We’re In was a show about human rights, though we rarely told our audience that. Greg showed me how to squeeze magic out of every story, and how good craft can make people care about the things that matter.  I think I’ll always be trying to serve something from his recipe book. (A few of his many methods are outlined in this generous Transom manifesto by the former host of TSWI, Jonathan Groubert).