Story Doula August ’21: Stay the course

In Sydney, we’re once again in lockdown. I make grainy video calls with friends around the world similarly returning inside. At the moment I live a bit like a goldfish, sleep-deprived with a new baby and toddler- living in the moment and unable to retain memory in this lockdown bowl. It’s more tender and less claustrophobic than it sounds. (I so desperately want to share a photo of their gorgeous faces here but I’m superstitious about how sharenting tendencies will make the next generation hate us).

Stay the course, as best you can.


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An animated short film I made a few years ago with artist and cartoonist Rocco Fazzari has revived itself as a little festival film! It was a finalist at both the Romance Rules Film Festival and officially selected for the West End Film Festival.

It celebrates the love lives of the ladies at a retirement village in Sydney. You can watch it here.

The gospel according to Shellie Morris

For ABC’s Days Like These

Singer-songwriter Shellie Morris still remembers the first time she heard Yothu Yindi’s Treaty. She had left her adopted white family in Sydney when “Treaty yeah, Treaty now” blared through her car radio, and changed her forever. …

The Grommet and Her Idol Catch a Break

For ABC’s Days Like These

In the rough-as-guts Bondi breaks of the 1980s, rising surf star Pauline Menczer was one of the only women in the water. And, boy, did she pay for it. Hot on the heels of her idol Jodie Cooper, both women discover it’s not only big waves that can wipe you out.…