Belinda Lopez is fascinated by the stories we tell each other about our histories, cultures and identities. And by stories about how we survive in our world  – online, in the wild, the mundane and the brilliant. Much of her work fits into these two categories, although to be honest so would most things if you squished them in really hard.

And she suddenly feels awkward writing about herself in the third person.

She does long-form storytelling on ABC Radio National’s This is About podcast, working with Jesse Cox, Jess Bineth and host Jordan Raskopolous.

As an educator, she works with not-for-profit organisations and universities, encouraging emerging creators and local communities to tell their own stories. She loves (and got her start in) community radio. Later, as host and executive producer of the Australian storytelling show All the Best, she helped build community radio-making collectives around Australia.

Ok, forget it. I really can’t do this in third person.  Previously I was a producer for Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s human rights/storytelling program The State We’re In. Stories I produced for the program were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards from the 2012 New York Radio Festivals and a Silver award from the 2013 festival; as well as a Silver award from the United Nations’ Department of Public Information’s annual awards and a Gabriel Award in 2013.

One time I forgot to thank The State We’re In editor Greg Kelly at an awards night and I still feel bad about it so I’m doing it here. He’s now the boss of CBC ideas, and is my all-time storytelling hero. He showed me how to squeeze magic out of every story, and I think I’ll always be trying to serve something from his recipe book. (A few of his many methods are outlined in this generous Transom manifesto by the former host of TSWI, Jonathan Groubert).

Short bio

Belinda Lopez’s stories have won prizes at the New York Festivals and the UN. Her work has been published, played and performed in Sydney and internationally.